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Considering Knee Replacement Surgery? Be Sure To Do Your Research Before Going Under the Knife: Part Three

By Brian Paris, DC

Part 3 One alternative to knee surgery that you may not know about is called regenerative orthopedics, and it uses your body’s own stem cells ... Continue Reading

Orthodontic Treatment For All Ages

By Jacqueline Brown Bryant, DDS, MS, PC

Do you realize orthodontics is just not for teenagers anymore? Children, teens, and adults can benefit from Orthodontics or the new term for braces treatment, ... Continue Reading

Probating an Estate: Why Do I Have To Probate an Estate?

By Steven M. Katz, PA

­­Maryland has a law requiring you to file the existing Last Will and Testament with the proper Court, whether or not the deceased person has ... Continue Reading

What Is Hypothyroidism?

By Thomas K. Lo, MA, DC

Known as the master gland, the butterfly-shaped thyroid sits in a notch just below your throat. Its hormones affect many systems and functions, including: • ... Continue Reading

Having Trouble Getting In and Out Of the Bath?

By Paul Echavarria

Whether from injury or aging, getting in and out of a bathtub can be challenging. Instead of spending thousands of dollars on a bathroom renovation, ... Continue Reading

Men: Regain Your Full Head Of Hair

By John Kiely, MD

Male pattern baldness is the most common type of non-scarring hair loss in men. It affects the superior portion of the scalp and results from ... Continue Reading

Sunscreen: Questions and Answers

By Kensington Pharmacy

What Sunscreen Should I Use? The American Academy of Dermatology recommends everyone use sunscreen that offers broad-spectrum protection (protects against UVA and UVB rays), SPF ... Continue Reading

Mommy Makeover

By Eric Desman, MD

Pregnancy, childbirth, and nursing can alter the appearance of a new mother’s body. Through a combination of plastic surgery procedures, the mommy makeover has helped countless ... Continue Reading

Finding the Balance: What’s the Right Age To Have Cosmetic Surgery?

By Hema Sundaram, MD

This question is often asked by both patients and the media. In fact, there is no “right age” to have cosmetic surgery because we all ... Continue Reading

Help… My Feet Are Pregnant Too: Foot Health In Pregnancy

By Peggy Yanger, RNC, CCBE

According to the American College of Podiatry, weight gain and hormonal changes in pregnancy have a huge impact on the body and especially on your ... Continue Reading
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